The company had it’s beginnings fifty (50) years ago, and was the brainchild of late Americans Jack & Celia Simon (both deceased) and Jamaican Carolle Woon who together had a vision of creating Fine Fragrances from Jamaica.

The Company has managed to successfully make a name for itself manufacturing fragrances and not without great effort. The idea of Jamaican Perfume as authentic as any other from the Continent had to be sold and accepted by the Consuming Public and has since earned the right to exist.

The Company presently manufactures ‘White Witch’ –  inspired by the legend of ‘Annie Palmer’- The White Witch of Rosehall.  ‘White Witch’  is the most popular fragrance in the Collection.  ‘Pirates Gold’ – from the days of old Port Royal and plundering Pirates.  ‘Reggae Splash’ was also created for Men and Women- reminiscent of Jamaica, the land of the pulsating Reggae Music.   Jamaica Jamaica’ our newest fragrance for Men and Women  representing our Island, a tropical paradise, the warmth of our people, our white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that keep our visitors always coming back for more. We also carry ‘Khus Khus’  along with other fragrances such as Destination Jamaica’ and Nothing for Men and for Women. All of our fragrances are manufactured as Eau de Parfum or Eau de Cologne.

Throughout the years, the Company has maintained a high standard of productivity in a very competitive field and can now look back on a hard but satisfying journey, overcoming the initial prejudices borne on locally manufactured products and gaining recognition as a top quality manufacturer and Certified Exporter.

Through constant work, dedication and enthusiasm, ‘Parfums Jamaica’ has thrived and has produced a collection of Fine Fragrances that can be described as a repertoire of our Island and reminiscent of Jamaica, A Crown Jewels of the Caribbean.